Jefferson Davis Parish Clerk of Court

Civil Bookkeeping/Birth & Death Certificates


Civil Bookkeeping

Our Civil bookkeeping department posts all deposits and costs in Civil, Probate, and Adoption matters.  They also post sheriff's returns and notify attorneys of service information.  For questions regarding advance deposits and total costs through judgment or dismissal, please contact Sandra Lawless in our bookkeeping department.   

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For an accurate response, be sure to include documents to be filed, number of pages in each document, and Judge's assessment of costs in your email.  Please let us know if you are requesting your original documents returned.

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Birth Certificates

Our office also offers certified copies of birth certificates and birth cards for people born in Louisiana.  The fee is $34.00 for a certified birth certificate and $48.00 for a birth card/birth certificate combination.  As of 5/27/16, a birth card may only be purchased by an individual who also purchases a long-form certified birth certificate in the same transaction.  We accept payment by CASH or CREDIT CARD only.  Please bring exact amount.   You must apply in person to obtain these documents.  We accept applications from 8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. daily.   Louisiana is a “closed record” state.  This means that birth certificates are NOT public record.  All requests for birth certificates must include proper identification.   You may obtain a certified copy of a birth certificate if you are the person named on the document, spouse of the person named on the document, parent or grandparent of the person named on the document, adult child of the person named on the document, sibling of the person named on the document, or an adult grandchild of the person named on the document.  (Unless otherwise authorized by LA R.S. 40:41) For a complete list of requirements, CLICK HERE

Beginning 10/1/15, our office will offer certified copies of death certificates for people who died in Louisiana from July 2013 to date.  The fee is $26.00 each and we only accept CASH or CREDIT CARD  payments.  Please bring exact amount.  You must request copies in person, we cannot accept requests by mail.  Death certificates are NOT public record.  All requests for death certificates must include proper identification. 

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